WARNING I am still developing these calcs check your answer!

(Iz) = current carryng capacity of the cable where it is installed. (It) = tabulated current for a single circuit at ambient temp of 30°
(Ib) = the actual current to be carried. (In) = is the Circuit Breaker rating in Amps.(I2) = the current at which the CB opens.
(Ca) = correction factor for Ambient temp. (Cg) = correction factor for grouping. (Ci) = correction factor for thermal insulation.
One method to determine the Potential short circuit current if you do not have a Loop Impedance Tester.
Find the volt drop of the system V1-V2 Divided by the Load gives Zs. Where V1 is the open circuit voltage,
V2 is the voltage under load and load is the amperage of the system.
IE: (V1)240 - (V2)238 = 2 divided by the Load 40Amps = 0.05 Ω.
Then PSC = System voltage (Uo) / (Zs) 240 ÷ 0.05 = 4800 Amp.
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Cable Selection, Copper Only, up to 25mm², above this Cable Reactance must be considered.
Enter your proposed cable size,type of insulation,Voltage,ambient temp (30 is norm) your cable length and circuit load in Amps.

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